Significance of Metal Rolls

What is the significance of Metal Rolls for Rolling Mills?

Metal Rolls are an integral part of a Rolling Mill. Rolling is a highly used metal forming procedure. This procedure is used to convert input raw material (metal ingots/billets) to Deformed Bar (TMT Re-Bar) , Plain Bar, Wire Rods, Structure (Angle, Channel and various other sections), Flats and Strips/Skelp. The above mentioned products are manufactured in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel Grades.

Metal Rolls for Rolling Mills are available in different grades, designs, and sizes to cater to customers’ specific requirements. Here are some of the popular grades of Metal Rolls:

Alloy Cast Steel Rolls

These Hypo-eutectoid steel rolls are alloyed with Chromium and Molybdenum. The rolls go through the stages of heating, double annealing, and tempering. Heat Treatment makes the rolls sturdy and thermal shock resistant.

Alloy Steel Base Adamite Rolls

These rolls contain Hyper-eutectoid steel alloyed with Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum with substantial Carbon content and Vanadium. The rolls are put through a multi-stage heat treatment process. The Heat treatment process endows the rolls with a blend of hardness, endurance, and wear/thermal resistance.

Graphite Steel Rolls

These rolls are a very special grade of steel rolls. It possesses some effective properties of S.G. Iron, rendering it with better wear and heat resistance

S. G. Iron Pearlitic Rolls

These Rolls are structurally characterized as having graphite in nodular. The matrix structure varies from Ferrito-Pearlitic and Pearlitic together with different carbide content and graphite in the form of spheroid / nodules.

S. G. Iron Bainitic/Acicular Rolls

They are stronger and more wear resistant than S.G.I. Pearlitic Rolls and are capable of much higher hardness. They are alloyed with a higher % of Nickel and Molybdenum than S.G.I Pearlitic and as a result, Accicular rolls have a bainitic matrix with increased carbide.

Alloyed Indefinite Chill Rolls

These Rolls have a matrix structure which varies from fine pearlitic to bainitic martensitic depending on the alloy addition. The desired hardness is achieved by changing the carbide to graphite balance with the help of the chemical composition. The presence of flake graphite makes the material resistant to fire cracking, spalling/chip-off and wear. Also, due to alloy addition, these rolls have a much better hardness penetration than clear chill and other cast iron rolls.

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