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Engineering Casting: An Indispensable Part of Today’s Industrial World

Engineering castings play a significant role in industrial success. Castings contribute to every aspect of modern-day life. It helps develop products and raw material for building cars, airplanes, turbines, pumps, etc.

Engineering casting is the most-followed manufacturing process in today’s world.

The process is as follows- A liquid is poured into a mould (a hollow cavity with a specified shape), and left to solidify. The resultant part is called casting. Furthermore, the casting procedure comprises of different steps like engineering, designing, patterns manufacturing/ inspection, moulding, pouring, fettling, heat treatment and machining.

There are various companies involved in the manufacturing of engineering castings in different grades to cater to several industrial sectors, such as cement, sugar, steel, railways, mining, automotive, power, paper, rubber, and other areas. Manufacturing of castings are carried out in special grades along with per unit load varying from 500kgs to 15M.T.

Talking about different industrial sectors and engineering casting applications
Steel Plants

Casting helps in developing heavy machinery parts such as gear couplings, roll couplings, hubs, reduction gears, star gears, bell, basins, chokes, mill housing, adjustment rings, etc.

Mining & Crushers

The process is specialized in creating mining and aggregate crusher parts such as frames, pitman, bearing housing, bonnet, a toggle beam, adjustment ring, bowl, top/bottom shell, flywheel, etc.

Power Generation

Steel castings and stainless steel castings serve as crucial components in the power generation industry - hydro, wind, or steam. It involves turbine castings, disc valves, runners, hubs, yaw, and many more.

Cement Industry

In another vital process, manufacturing steel casting caters cement industry to develop rollers, tyres, gears, mill heads, bearing housings, liners, diaphragms, etc.

Sugar Mills

Steel castings in sugar mills help in developing machined components of different kinds and grades. For instance, top/side caps, hubs, gears, couplings, headstocks, crowns, etc.

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